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Finding the Best Host for Your Web Site


Whether you like or not and whatever country you live in, if you need a web site for business or blogging, you have to a web hosting provider.


In Columbia as in other countries, finding the best hosting company is a must especially for business site or maybe even for blogging site that want to generate wide readership.


There are several types of hosting. There is shared, cloud based, virtual private server, dedicated web server, colocation, self-service and managed wordPress. Each of them has its pros and cons.


How do you choose from these various types? Well, you have to assess your needs first. It will help you criteria for choosing. Naturally, a business site would have to download fast since internet surfers are inclined to get annoyed with sites that take a long time to appear in their screens. The site must have plenty of space available for the kind of content it needs to hold the interest of visitors long enough to make them decide that they have found the right product. You'd want the site that can accommodate plenty of features facilitating business such as link building for traffic generation, order and payment buttons, feedback from customers, etc...


Before you choose, remember that space and the hosting type influence download times of your site. This would eliminate the shared hosting type since in it your site will be sharing an allotted amount of space with other sites. But whatever you choose among the other types everything is dependent on the ability of the host to provide the services it promises under a hosting plan you have chosen. Obviously you would choose a plan based on your established criteria.


The host provides the technology and space for storing your webpages and making them available to searchers. It is important that you choose a hosting company with a proven record of delivering the services under the plans it offers. Apart from reliability, you also need to consider the cost. Of course, you would want to get the best web hosting package from the provider that offers it at the most affordable price.


Still another thing to consider when choosing host is upgradability of offered hosting package. Web hosting technology is continuously improving. You would prefer a package that can be upgraded without undergoing a major and time consuming overhaul and at minimal cost.